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This is what we do when we service your regulator.


Pre Service Inspection and testing report


The hoses , BCD, Dry Suit, Octopus , SPG and 2nd Stage removed.

Then the regulator 1st and 2nd stages are disassembled


In the first heated  ultrasonic cleaner  containing a degreasing solution.


In the second heated ultrasonic cleaner  containing a cleaning solution.


In the third heated ultrasonic cleaner  containing clean  water.


With clean dry air.


All service replacement items, O rings and any worn or broken parts, with genuine parts to make the regulator serviceable.


All parts are reassembled using genuine replacement parts and service kits.

This includes all hose O rings.

The SPG swivel with new O rings and Oxygen compatible lubricant is used throughout

Regulator Service


All parts methodically to identify any that are worn or broken .

1st Stage

First stage is reset to Manufacturers settings and tested.

2nd Stages

2nd  stage(s) are reset to Manufacturers settings and tested.

Final Assembly.

Regulator is complete with all hoses and SPG.

Final test

Complete report

Bag and seal with old parts/ o rings and genuine manufacturers packaging.