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Cylinder Neck Markings


This is which Country the cylinder was manufactured

M25 x 2

This identifies the Thread Specification and indicates the thread type and size. It is important to ensure the correct valve is used with your cylinder.


This is the name of the Cylinder manufacturer

P3173V/Luxfer 1234A

Cylinder type number and serial number.

This number is recorded by the manufacturer, in this case Luxfer so that the entire manufacturing history of your scuba tank can be traced.

AA6061 T6

This is the type of Aluminium that the cylinder is made from.


Designed minimum scuba tank wall thickness


Empty weight of the scuba cylinder.


Minimum water capacity in litres.


Working pressure, it shows the pressure that the scuba tank should be filled to.

This figure should never be exceeded.

CE 0038

Mark of conformity to the Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC and notifies body identification number.


Test pressure, shows the pressure that the scuba tank should be tested to.

This should also never be exceeded.

PS287 BAR AT 60 C

This is the service pressure and indicates the pressure which can develop inside the scuba tank at the temperature shown, don't confuse the service pressure with the working pressure.

2002 / 2

Test date, shows when your cylinder was first tested, with the year followed by the month or quarter of the test year shown in a circle stamped onto the tank.

Dive Team,

This is who the cylinder was manufactured for originally

Run the mouse pointer over the cylinder markings and click to see what they mean.

Thanks to Luxfer

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